Humanotica Glossary

Definitions, People, Places, and Things


Alluvian Dimension
  • Home of the Faunfolk.

  • alx
  • "born of" - an Orictan term

  • Alysium
  • Drug (amethyst colored) to help with itambulae

  • amplivocerator
  • similar to a bull horn


    Bastion Street
  • A street parallel to the location of The Music Box. The street where the toymaker is located.

  • Blues, Greens
  • Two gangs that rule the Moondown Water District.

  • C

    Camellia [White]
  • A courtesan at The Luminary. An ultress and also sometimes known as "The White Queen," second only to Dominia Violette Goldswan.

  • carnibus bastardy
  • swear slang. Instead of "son of a bitch" this would translate to "son of a bastard"

  • Carnibus Tavern
  • A tavern on the docks where seamen and some unsavory sorts tend to congregate.

  • Cephla
  • the minds of the ELLC - referred to as Cephla-1, Cephla-2, etc.

  • Cockrage
  • Illegal cage fighting event. Usually attended only by men as it results in male orgies, brutal and rough--almost a form of moon madness. Takes place on the Moondown Water District docks at midnight.

  • Compliance Subministry
  • A branch of the regulatory ministry

  • Compultech Tracing Unit (CT) [CT Tracer]
  • Special unit of Compsociates. Documents sexual interactions of the military branch. Called a "Tracer."

  • conduit receiver
  • Modified human. Modifications to the brain's epicenter to provide the ability to separate personal emotions and responses from those of surroundings in order to record the surroundings more accurately and cleanly.

  • Contulators
  • A form of calculator or adding machine

  • Cyclation
  • Mechanical cycles/rotations of the Core machine.

  • D

  • another work for procrastinating or delaying

  • Dominatae
  • Collectively the Dominium nobility consortium. This is not a politically driven segment of societal hierarchy. It is separate and distinct. Each member trained in the sensual arts. Almost considered a priest/priestess level. Must apprentice first, go through a trial, and then bestowed with the honorary title of Dominor/Dominia and conferred with a dominimum with wealth and titles attached.

  • Dominia
  • Owner, keeper, mistress (female). A title of address always used by property in addressing any owner. A specialized group of owners who also share property.

  • Dominium
  • Land/estates owned by the nobility of the Dominitae. Dominium is the property or estate; domicilia is the actual house or mansion.

  • Dominor (male)
  • Owner, keeper, master (male). A title of address always used by property in addressing any owner. A specialized group of owners who also share property. One trained in the ways of the Dominitae.

  • Dovewalker Street
  • A street in Quentopolis where the Emporium is located.

  • Draggiron
    Predatory dragon-like creature.

  • E

    E.L.L.C. (The Core)
  • Elite Logical Life Core. The main knowledge machine of the Politico government.

  • Extasia Dominium
  • domicile of the headquarters of the Dominatae. Location of the Dominatae Receptorium and Dominatae Monastical. (Where Dominatae are trained and go for retreat, etc.).

  • F

  • Teacher, educator, mentor.

  • Factorium
  • Government incarceration/experimental research facility. Also a teaching institution.

  • Faunfolk
  • Faerie-like, nature based society who reside (for the most part) in the Alluvian Dimension.

  • Feather-strutter
  • Male bird with exotic, eye-catching plummage.

  • Folio
  • Secret, covert/scientific experimental branch of the Regulation Ministry. Headquarters were housed using the facade of an old museum on Mistlogan Street.

  • G


  • Part human, part machine. Up to 49% a free citizen. 49.1% and up reverts to chattel and qualifies as possession under the laws of Quentopolis.

  • I

  • A mechanism to read punch cards which attaches to the brain and feeds info to the brain. It is a machine that Kesselbaum uses. Few are able to use it and assimilate the information.

  • Itambulae sporitus
  • To "soul walk beyond." Effectively out-of-body travel, but slightly more enhanced. Energy transwarp.

  • Ivory Garden Restaurant
  • An exclusive restaurant in Quentopolis that the Dominitae favor.

  • J

  • a prostitute's clients.

  • K

  • Humanotic workers with specially designed hands and eyes who study and enter information into brass-keyed panels to maintain the lower-level mechanical functioning of the Core unit.

  • L

  • a stiff drink like scotch whiskey

  • Lostland Museum
  • A museum located on Mistlogan Street.

  • Lotrium Academy of Sciences
  • Prestigious learning academy regulated by a Board of Factors (learned men who are also teachers). Of which Kesselbaum is one. Academy for engineers and scientists. Women are not accepted.

  • Luminary (The)
  • Exclusive brothel on Morganelle Hill.

  • M

    Malefici Carnaliad
  • Spiritual sorceror from the Vallasium Dimension. Drawn to Quentopians and often mate with them.

  • Manic risqexcerinia
  • An extreme risk-taker who can only feel things when at the edge of live/death, legal/illegal activites. A psychological term.

  • Metallitionist Resistance Fighters
  • Those who fight against the Politico and their laws regarding humanotics.

  • Metalskin
  • A manufactured replacement for human skin. May come in many textures, colors, and/or metals or other materials. May also serve as a form of body armor, depending on material used. Heals/mends very quickly, much quicker than human skin.

  • Mistlogan Street
  • A street in Quentopolis.

  • Monophone
  • Similar to an intercom system.

  • Moondown Water District ("the downers district")
  • Where the workhouses and tenements are located. At the southern perimeter of the bay where the loading docks are located. Where the saloons and bars and fetish brothels, fringe sex trade walkers. Ruled mostly by two gangs, the Blues and the Greens. Regulates pretty well stay out of this area, negotiating mainly with the heads of the two gangs to maintain order.

  • Morganelle Hill
  • A street in Quentopolis. Rather an elite section of town. Where the bordello/brothel is located owned by Dominia Violette. Called "The Luminary."

  • Museum of Antiquities
  • Main headquarters for the Ministry of Antiquities and Acquisitions.

  • Music Box Saloon, The
  • An exclusive saloon/nightclub that caters to humanotic fetishists.

  • Musicadium
  • Machine to record music and emotions.

  • Musicology Room
  • A room where music is made.

  • N


    Oricta Dimension
  • Entreus's home dimension. Spartan culture.

  • P

    Politico Concilium
  • The enforcement part of the government. Folio being the CIA/intelligence arm. Compliance, being the law enforcement (policing) part of the Regulatory Ministry. Sittatori being the panel of Honoraries (judges) who hear cases and hand down verdicts. There is no jury system in Quentopolis. Honoraries are appointed for their lifetime to serve on the judgment board.

  • Politico Judicalati
  • The court/legal arm of the Politico governmental system.

  • Primatur Absolute
  • Leader/head of Orictan Society.

  • Primedictus
  • Primary-first. Used in relation to the Dominitae.

  • Q

  • Native citizen of Quentopolis.

  • Quentopolis
  • Name of the metropolis where story takes place. Residents are Quentopians.

  • Quentopolis Daily News (The)
  • Daily newspaper for the city and surrounding area of Quentopolis.

  • Quentopolis Passenger Lightship (QPL)
  • Passenger airship for within dimension travels

  • R

  • A province of the River Faunfolk.

  • S

    Sapphira Bay
  • Located at the Northwest corner of Quentopolis in the Elitist District.

  • Sittatori or Sittatoria
  • Judgment panel–the judges (sittatori - singular; sittatoria refers to a panel of judges) who metes out discipline and verdicts for those who break the laws of Quentopolis. Also referenced as honoraries.

  • Sniper
  • A type of venomous snake creature.

  • Sporiti
  • Spirit, soul energy, or heartcore.

  • Straight at 'em>
  • Slang term as in "no way." Or "you bet your bottom dollar."

  • T

    Talaxxi Dimension
  • Home dimension for the Faunfolk.

  • Tebit Square Exchangable
  • Financial district of Quentopolis.

  • Tebitcheckers
  • Accountants/bookkeepers, clerks, etc.

  • Teglus Sporiti
  • A form of spiritual protection.

  • Terraverda Thoroughfare
  • Manicured pathway going through the Elitist District.

  • Trinespine
  • Reinforced humanotic spine - reinforced on both sides.

  • Trinex
  • Part male, part female, part machine (humanotic).

  • U

    Ultress courtesans
  • heirarchy within the brothel. An ultress courtesan is a title used for non-nobility, non-Dominatae class, yet with some higher level of prowess in the sensual arts and as well as expertise in the area of dominance and submission, etc. These woman have some level of power not achieved by the common workers. [Think commissioned officers vs. non-commissioned officers.]

  • Upper Ministries and Lower Ministries
  • Acquisitions and Antiquities; Regulate or Regulatory Ministry.

  • V

    Vallasium Dimension
  • Home of the malefici carnaliad.

  • Violette Goldswan
  • Owner(and a Dominia) of The Lighthouse bordello on Morganelle Hill. Also known as the "Amethyst Queen."

  • Vipercat
  • Wild animal, like a jaguar or leopard. Mates for life like a wolf.

  • W




    Zimboza Islands
  • A place no honest, law-abiding man or woman would ever go. It is where the assassins reside, the murderers that the Politico contracts to further their power in outlying provinces. Zimboza trade on its face is illegal and of the most dangerous. Basically, blood-thirsty pirates.